Up A Tree: A Jobs & Plunkitt Galactic Adventure - novel by Michael Schulkins

Up A Tree: A Jobs & Plunkitt Galactic Adventure

Galactic Senator Braydon Gorebush Plunkitt XII warps across space wielding the power of Leviathan to solve all of the galaxy’s problems - fortunately, his ever-resourceful robot servant Jobs is at his side to clean up the resulting mess.

In Up A Tree, Jobs and Plunkitt travel to the rustic “warp-around” planet Tree, which is in upheaval over the new galactic motion tax: the beavos are grumbling, the birds aren’t flying, and the termites are on strike. Will Senator Plunkitt, through no fault of his own, save the birds and the beavos from the motion tax, not to mention the termites? Will Jobs save Plunkitt from being eaten by a giant artichoke? Find out on this adventurous romp with the galaxy's funniest politicians.

With humor ranging from egregious puns to incisive political commentary, and characters ranging from campy to wry, Up A Tree serves up a smorgasbord of sci-fi satire suitable for fans of Douglas Adams and Terry Pratchett.

“I loved, loved this book! Yes, the author’s use of the language is a cut above, but what really won me over is that it is just flat out funny. The main character is a Galactic Senator, so futuristic political themes such as the Heat Death of the Universe and the Galactic Motion Tax are woven into the escapades. The satire gives the book some heft and only adds to a rollicking good story. The author’s knack for writing dialogue gives this highly entertaining book a cinematic feel.”
Shirley Kesson

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